How employee engagement can impact branding?

Branding is not just about marketing activities and communicating advertising messages from the brand. It is the perception of consumers on all the touch points about your brand.

Employees, especially the front line staff are oftentimes the first touch point in the consumer journey experience. A dissatisfied or angry consumer is more damaging to the brand as they will share their anger and frustration with more people. As we know word-of-mouth is a very effective promotional tool but when used in the reverse way, the effects leave much to be desired.

I had on many occasions experienced customer service on different side of the spectrum. My emotion ranges from surprise, joy and delight to dismayed, shocked and angered.

Why is there such a disparity in the quality of service levels? Are the hostile and disgruntled staff being paid less than their counterparts? A happy and engaged employee in a positive work culture will reflect his feelings of happiness and content to their consumers just as a dis-engaged and unmotivated employee will inadvertently transfer his unhappiness and dissatisfaction to their employees. Interacting with a passionate employee will no doubt leave the consumer with a very positive impression of the brand.

Brands remain blissfully unaware of the detrimental effect of an un-motivated and dis-engaged staff when transacting with a consumer.

It would be good if they do complaint or feedback but many times, they tend to take their displeasure to the public, causing damage to the brand.


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