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When Andy met Kenny

Over coffee one day, Andy and Kenny realised that they share the same frustration, how to enable employees to perform better, what drives them?

When the objectives and expectations of employees and employers are not aligned, it results in an underperformance on both sides!

They bonded with a common vision; Happy Employees = Happy Employers.

Andy identified a pressing problem where employees were intrinsically not driven to achieve business objectives. He felt that a positive transformation in certain desired behaviours can significantly increase productivity. This led him to study employee engagement as a means to address this issue.

Kenny had approached Andy with a voucher system platform that he was working on that would enable savings to consumers and help promote the services of businesses during the economic downturn. It was a triple win-win situation as it would also greatly benefit our then slowing economy.

Andy thought it is a good idea to incorporate Kenny’s proposal into a flexible benefit management platform for employees. As a means of cultivating and reinforcing desirable employee behaviour as well as a form of recognition of their work, vouchers are given to employees to show appreciation.

Through his study on employee engagement, Andy proposed to use Gamification as a tool to engage employees. Kenny, agreeing, feels that people are the most important asset in an organization.

After several rounds of in-depth discussion and research, Andy and Kenny reached the conclusion that Gamification, with the right framework is a powerful tool for behaviour modification. This, together with a voucher system platform that facilitates rewarding of performance will only enhance any performance management system.

More about Andy…

Andy is very passionate in the field of HR Management. His keen interest in flexible benefits management, performance management and talent retention had him delving more into the area.

Besides the belief that employees play an integral role in business profitability, Andy is also constantly exploring avenues in the manner in which his clients can streamline their business operations.

He is in payroll outsourcing and manages various aspects of HR for his clients. His involvement includes recruiting, payroll, managing performance and disciplinary issues.

Managing and implementing an effective performance management system is no easy feat but he is not daunted by this and has since gone on to be certified as a HR practitioner in Performance management system.

It is a herculean task and he is fully empathetic with the woes of organizations in managing employee performance. He bemoans the fact that oftentimes, the company’s objectives and employees’ objectives are not aligned, resulting in actions and behaviours that causes frustration on both sides.

Driving employee performance is more complex and intricate then merely motivating employees via monetary remuneration.

Andy feels that in order to succeed in achieving business objectives effectively, it is necessary to drive employee behaviour in a certain manner. He cites an example whereby a critical business objective can be simplified into several stages and to reward accomplishment of goal in each stage to encourage and reinforce the favourable behaviour.

More about Kenny…

Kenny, has a diverse consulting portfolio spanning across several industries such as Branding, IT and HR.He has successfully spearheaded many ventures.

One of his forte, is his ingenuity in strategizing marketing solutions to help clients grow their business.

With 10 years of experience in consulting in the branding IT arena, his specialities include offering resourceful solutions to streamline business processes in software customization as well as web development for his clients.

Kenny has also conducted workplace safety and wellness for the private and public sector as well as developing a HR handbook for employers.

Kenny derives immense gratification from the fruition of a project and the joy in celebrating in his client’s success.


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