Healthy Eating Habits For Busy Professionals

By Claudia Tay



Healthy eating seems like a personal health goal which is the last thing on a busy professional’s daily list. Rushing for meetings, deadlines, replying to emails and even working through lunch seems more like a daily routine. However, you must always be conscious to keep yourself healthy and have good eating habits so that you can have the energy to get through the day!     

Below are a few ways to eat healthy for your busy day:

1) Have a good breakfast. 

Remember not to skip breakfast. Eating breakfast is a crucial start to boost your energy and focus level. You can prepare a healthy breakfast the night before – overnight oats with fruits (bananas/ strawberries/ blueberries with almond) or grab a healthy power sandwich over the counter.


2) Plan your meals.

Always plan your meals as per your schedule for the day. It will ensure you do not skip your lunch or snacks. If you have a meeting at 3pm, set a reminder to have lunch at 1.30pm and you can attend the meeting after that. Always be conscious of taking your meals.  


3) Have healthy snacks at your desk/ Remove unhealthy snacks in your pantry

Have healthy cereal or granola bars on your desk or in your pantry. Remove unhealthy titbits, snacks and high calories food in your pantry. Fruits are good options too. Have low-fat milk, yoghurt, fruit juices instead of high sugar content canned drinks in your pantry fridge.


4) Always drink enough water    

It is essential to keep yourself hydrated. Try to drink 1.5 – 2 litres of water a day, recommended by Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Hydration has a significant effect on energy level, and mind. Drinking water have science-based health benefits and can help to prevent and treat headaches. 


5) Choice of healthier food

Busy professionals often have lunchtime meeting and eating out is inevitable. It is important to choose food or drinks in a restaurant or food kiosk of a healthier choice. The menu in restaurants now have healthier options, or they now state the calories count for their meals. Make an effort to lower your calories intake if you have a few business lunches and dinner in a week. Have salads or vegetable sticks to start your meals first. Choose baked over fried options. See if there are fruits for dessert instead of chocolate cakes or pies. Take plain water for your choice of drink.   


Changes take time to adapt. Make a conscious effort to change, and in time, it will be a habit and part of your lifestyle. When you are healthier, you will feel better and have more energy throughout the day and will be more productive at work too.  

Start eating healthy today and influence your colleagues too!


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